Positive for Covid

I’ve been exposed to Covid quite a few times since it originally came to the U.S., but I’ve (thankfully) never gotten it. The other day, I started getting some symptoms that seemed allergy-related. I assumed that it was seasonal allergies, as it just became fall. Still, I decided to wear a mask, maintain 6ft distance, etc. and get tested before having to be within close proximity to people in classes. I’ve tested for Covid numerous times in the past, so it came as a surprise when I saw a positive result. I’m now quarantining at home until I’m better.

Since I’m not going anywhere for the next few days, I’ve decided to use my extra time to write some more posts. I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to write about, so feel free to send me suggestions as to what you’d like to see. You can send me a message on the Contact page, or alternatively by emailing contact@moveoutlegally.com.

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